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For over 50 years now, CBC students have been walking in solidarity with those on the margins of society, supporting a range of organizations in both Australia and overseas. To date CBC men have taken over 800 million steps in solidity with those who have no one to stand for them and raised over $900,000.

This year marks our 52nd Social Justice Walkathon and we continue to walk in solidarity with the children pushed to margins in India due to their connection with leprosy and other hardships. Across India, our fundraising efforts support a number of organizations; however, the majority of our fundraising supports the children of the Beatrix School and Kurnanlaya Leprosy Care Centre, Puri, India.

Fr Marion founded Karunalaya in 1976 after he travelled from Poland to India with the mission of serving God by helping those in the greatest need. For over 40 years, Karunalaya has supported those suffering from Leprosy and developed a thriving community with three main support structures:

Over the last four years CBC students have donated over $40,000 to the Beatrix school to support the development of the new school building. CBC students on the Breakaway India tour have spent time in the community, supporting the work at the school and engaging with the students.

Your support of the boys and the College in accomplishing this goal is appreciated greatly.

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